READY - SET - GO Program
Senior Read Set Go Program by Lois Marris, real estate agent
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Introducing READY, SET, GO: A Real Estate Program for Seniors

With the READY, SET, GO senior real estate program, my team and I at Ponte Vedra Club Realty have created a comprehensive solution for seniors seeking guidance and support during a major life transition. By providing personalized consultations, connecting seniors with essential services, offering options for selling as-is, and managing the entire moving process, the program empowers seniors to embrace their next step in life with confidence and ease. 

The Goal: Smooth Transitions

Moving can be a daunting task, especially for seniors who may have spent a significant part of their lives in their current homes. The thought of downsizing, relocating, or transitioning into a different living arrangement can be overwhelming, often causing seniors to postpone the decision longer than necessary. That's where my READY, SET, GO program comes in, a senior real estate program designed by the Marris Team to support and guide seniors through every stage of the moving process. We can help with any stage of your move, or all stages!

The ”READY” Stage

The READY stage is about helping a future client gather the information they need to get ready for their eventual move. This free, initial consultation can occur anywhere from several years before the intended move to just a few weeks prior. Whether it's downsizing to a smaller place or transitioning into independent or assisted living complexes, seniors can benefit from my expertise in real estate and network of senior service providers. 

The READY stage includes a free consultation to discuss a client’s needs, wants, and concerns about a possible move. I will address crucial questions that seniors have about their current home and its market value. I help seniors understand the worth of their property, estimate the proceeds they can expect from a sale, and determine whether any improvements are necessary before listing the home. I also provide support for seniors who wish to sell their homes as-is, recognizing that making repairs or updates may not be feasible or desirable for everyone. This flexibility ensures that seniors have options tailored to their unique circumstances, making the future moving process less stressful and more manageable.

Moving as a senior or a person with disabilities can be challenging. Together, we can discuss available options such as moving services, assistance with packing, cleaning services, selling as-is or making repairs. For example, Ideal Move assists seniors with everything from packing, taking items to donation centers, moving you into your new home and unpacking for you. Kris Wilson of Modified Independence can provide an assessment of your current home or new home to ensure it is optimal for your level of physical ability. And Bridgette Best of Best Options, as well as Dave Stieglitz of Oasis Senior Advisors can provide free assistance with Independent and Assisted Living options.  

The “SET” Stage

In the "Set" stage of the READY, SET, GO program we begin to implement the plans developed during our initial consultation. At this stage, we begin to get your home SET for sale.  Together, we’ll work on any repairs or updates if you decided to do any. I’ll assist with coordinating services providers such as painters and repair teams. Whether you hire a company such as Ideal Move or pack yourself, I’ll be available to assist or coordinate. As you declutter in preparation for your move, I’ll can help organize donation pick-ups or assist with online sales of furniture or items. Estate sales are also an option.

Together, we’ll discuss the best time for you to put your home on the market, the list price for your situation and the best assortment of assistance offerings for your situation. We’ll coordinate showings around your comfort and availability. You can even remain in your home for showings if needed and optionally, I can be there with you to ensure you are comfortable. Together, we’ll discuss showing feedback and negotiate offers to purchase. You’ll have help every step of the way!  

The “GO” Stage

Finally, the "Go" stage, assists seniors with the actual transition, coordinating and managing the logistics of the move including a final cleaning. I want to ensure that seniors can focus on settling into their new homes while leaving the details in capable hands. There’s a lot to be done and I’ll do my best to assist wherever possible and help your move go smoothly. When you purchase a home or condo with me and my program, I include a free home safety consultation from Modified Independence.   Kris Wilson and his team will do a safety assessment of your new home and make suggested changes customized to your personal ability.

The “STAY” Stage?

I also understand most of us want to age in our homes. If moving or downsizing isn’t the right thing for you now, I can assist you in your STAY stage, connecting you with various in-home services. These services may include companion care, meal preparation, cleaning assistance, personal care, and even home safety assessments to determine if any modifications are needed to ensure a safe living environment.

READY-SET-GO with the Marris Team

If you're a senior considering a move or have questions about downsizing, transitioning to a new living arrangement, or selling your home, reach out to Lois Marris at Ponte Vedra Club Realty for a free consultation. Let our Senior READY, SET, GO program be your trusted companion on this exciting journey toward a brighter future.